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Frequently Asked Questions

When can I start claiming?

There is a three month qualifying period for benefit which means that you can claim for treatment and services you receive three months after your date of enrolment. Benefit is not payable for treatment or services you receive before you enrol or during your first three months of membership. The qualifying period for claims relating to pregnancy or childbirth is twelve months.

Do I have to go to a practitioner approved by WHA?

No, you are free to choose any practitioner who meets the requirements stated in the Benefit & General Conditions.

Am I covered for treatment for an illness I already have?

Unfortunately, we are unable to pay benefit for any medical condition which exists before the date on which you enrol as a member of WHA. This exclusion does not apply to optical or dental benefits.

Will I have to pay more if I make a lot of claims?

No, you can make as many claims as you like and your payments will remain the same.

Will my payments increase as I get older?

No, your payments are not linked to your age and once you are a member you can continue membership to any age, without restriction.

What are the catches?

There are no hidden conditions designed to catch you out. The full Benefit & General Conditions are written in plain language for you to read. Provided that claims meet the relevant conditions, we will be able to pay you the benefit which is due.

Are WHA’s schemes too good to be true?

No. WHA doesn’t have any shareholders and all profits are retained within the company to ensure subscriptions are kept low and benefits high. WHA was founded in 1948 and currently provides cover for approximately 30,000 people.

How do I join?

Fill in our straightforward Membership pack request form and press send and we will post your pack to you. To begin your membership, all you will need to do is check everything carefully, choose the scheme which best meets your needs and return to us in the prepaid envelope for your membership to begin.